17 Apr 2012

Visceral Attack at The Moorings Bar

I went to Aberdeen last weekend to meet up with a friend and hit the pubs for a good night out but while at The Moorings Bar (an awesome rock bar in town) I got side tracked as a band walked on stage to play a set, it was the headliner of the evening and their name was Visceral Attack. As soon as they started playing I was blown away by their energy, the singer was going nuts and was actually in the crowd for the whole show  which was pretty cool while the rest of the band expelled a massive wall of sound that instantly made me put down my drink, stop chatting and turn to the stage. The music was heavy and combined with the pure raw energy I was compelled to grab my camera (which I didn't intend to use, I just had it in my bag) and get up front and document what was going on. I tried to capture the visceral movement that was being unleashed by the whole band and especially vocalist Chris Mc Cabe. By the end of the few songs I photographed I felt drained trying to keep up with Chris and the band (crazy amount of energy, they certainly put in a shift), I am lucky I have spent years shooting in fast paced situations with manual focus lenses as there was no way any autofocus was going to keep up with this singer. All I can say is that it was good fun to photograph them and it's rare that a band make me grab my camera when i'm not intending to. They put on a great show with very cool heavy music and boundless energy. 

If your into heavy music and see these guys are touring in your area then I recommend heading out and catching the show, will be well worth it. 

You can check out their Webpage here and facebook page here 

Here are some of the shots from this impromptu live shoot of Visceral Attack at The Moorings Bar in Aberdeen, Scotland. 

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